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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Advanced Awning

Here's the awning of the new cuban place orinigally spotted by Forest Hills 72:

Looks promising. We'll see if this one succeeds where La Mancha Empanada fails.


Blogger Steve T. said...

Not exactly "understated," that awning.

11:12 AM  
Blogger DaveS said...

I think we need some kind of sign and awning commission in Forest Hills.

12:03 PM  
Blogger Steve T. said...

I was walking around Hoboken some years back and noticed a "Boston Chicken" store. Boston Market hadn't been called Boston Chicken for years. I asked my local friend what was up with that, and he told me that Hoboken had passed an ordinance banning illuminated signs but grandfathering in existing ones. Soon after it passed, Boston Chicken changed its name, but they didn't want to lose the illuminated sign, so they had no choice but to keep the old name. That's the kind of thing that would be nice around here.

1:47 PM  
Blogger Jon Parker said...

I predict that it will die. Not that I've eaten there, but La Mancha Empanada was also Latin fast food and it's gone, to be replaced by another Latin fast food place. Since this is hardly a radical change, why should they succeed when the first variant did not?

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm rooting for it and will eat there soon to try it out. I love Cuban food.

3:30 PM  

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