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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Eating out is easier with no scruples

I just made post-Opera (I'm giving it another try) dinner reservations for my wife and I and her parents. Pending sign-off from the in-laws, were going to Telepan. My wife and I went once for brunch and I've been wanting to go back for dinner ever since.

So I'm watching NY1 this morning, and catch a story , a NY1 exclusive in fact, in which they interview former and current waiters who claim their tips are being illegaly shared with management among other problems. Now, these are currently just allegations and I've seen no response from Chef Telepan or anyone else. But, I feel like I shouldn't patronize Telepan until this is resolved. But damn I want to eat there.


A similar situation came up with the Saigon Grill recently. A friend booked a birthday dinner there, but when I sent her a gothamist post about the labor problems there, she changed venues. It was a worse situation, with much more publicity and picket lines, but still, I don't like when people fuck with the working man.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything said in the news story is true. They have paperwork to back up every allegation. Telepan is furious that his staff would speak out like this. The reason they haven't gone on the record with anything is because their lawyer has told them not to.

11:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just came across this today and wanted to share with you (albeit belatedly) that, YES, all of the allegations are true, AND that Mr. Telepan has so far had to pay back over $80,000 in stolen wages to the waitstaff (per the investigation done by the Labor Department). If you like ethics with your food, I agree that you may not wish to patronize Telepan.

2:48 PM  

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