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Monday, December 03, 2007

Danny Brown minus the DB

From Frank Bruni's Diner's Journal blog we learn that Danny Brown has lost the battle with Daniel Boulud and will now be danny brown Wine Bar & Kitchen.

From the blog:

I’m trying to reach him to find out whether the dispute between him and Mr. Boulud actually ended up in court, or whether it was just hashed out in meetings, phone calls and letters between lawyers. His e-mail was brief and ambiguous.

But on one point it was clear: he lost.

“I have changed all my logos,” he wrote me, providing photo documentation of the old awnings coming down and new ones going up.

“We are now danny brown Wine Bar & Kitchen,” he announced. And so the story, apparently, ends.


Blogger Jon Parker said...

What irks me is, quite simply, that Danny Brown had a better restaurant than Danny Boulud. The insinuation that he was stealing a logo to bleed off customers can therefore only be looked at in one of two ways. (1) Pettiness. (2) Fear. Petty in that God forbid anyone see the two of them next to each other in a Zagat guide (the paper version of which Danny Brown is not in as of right now, anyway). Fear in that it's a good enough establishment that he may one day move into Manhattan and actually compete, by which point, if Boulud knew of the logo, he would be unable to complain.

In an odd way, Boulud may have done Brown a favor. By forcing the name change, Brown will be absolutely able to set up shop right next door to a Boulud place. As it stood previously, he would have been inviting problems worse than this series of letters. Maybe we'll see the start of a Brown micro-chain?

I recommend Gramercy/Flatiron for Manhattan.

12:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Jon Parker--also, those of us in the 'hood still referred to the restaurant as "Danny Brown's" even if the logo/sign had a more prominent db...

9:56 AM  

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