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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Quick Hits - some other recent restaurants

Some places where you will get your money's worth:

Picholine. My wife and I went here for our anniversary and it was terrific. There service was pitch perfect and truly accommodating and the food was excellent. Craig Hopson, who was running the kitchen during Picholine's resurgence has recently left, but hopefully that won't effect this wonderful restaurant.

Caffe Falai. I've enjoyed a few meals at Falai on Clinton street and happened past its more down-market sibling Caffe Falai on Lafayette the other night when looking for a place to grab a bite with some friends. We shared a whole bunch of stuff and it was mostly terrific. Especially the pastas. All priced in the low teens, they were interesting and really delicious.

Boqueria. Terrific tapas place on 19th. Better at the less traditional stuff (go to Las Ramblas or Tia Pol for the traditional stuff).


Anonymous Sarah said...

I love Boqueria. The fried shiso peppers are addictive. I also had some great fried sardines last time.

9:51 AM  

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