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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bottega del Vino


I assume its expense accounts (we were seated next to a table of attorneys, later joined by their client, celebrating some BIG deal) that keeps this place open, with its convenient midtown location and trophy filled wine list. It certainly isn't the food.

Went here last night with some family and thankfully I wasn't paying. The best part of the meal was the wine. A 1998 Barbaresco, a "steal" at $200. There wasn't much for less than that on the list. I had a half portion of one of their signature appetizers to start, Tortellini della Bottega tortellini filled with beef and prosciutto dusted with porcini mushroom powder. Under-sauced and under-seasoned. For a main course, I had a "rack" of lamb with chestnuts. This came overdone (I should have sent it back but didn't), in a classic catering hall presentation. It was a small piece of lamb, sitting atop passable but useless mashed potatoes with a carrot and 3 chestnuts sitting in a tasteless sauce. For almost 40 dollars. Really?

Dessert was ok. A pretty good Tiramisu and a tasty but pathetic looking souffle. It barely rose up the full height of its diminutive ramekin.

The service was good.

You have to take an elevator to get to the bathroom.

You don't need to go here.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Danny Brown minus the DB

From Frank Bruni's Diner's Journal blog we learn that Danny Brown has lost the battle with Daniel Boulud and will now be danny brown Wine Bar & Kitchen.

From the blog:

I’m trying to reach him to find out whether the dispute between him and Mr. Boulud actually ended up in court, or whether it was just hashed out in meetings, phone calls and letters between lawyers. His e-mail was brief and ambiguous.

But on one point it was clear: he lost.

“I have changed all my logos,” he wrote me, providing photo documentation of the old awnings coming down and new ones going up.

“We are now danny brown Wine Bar & Kitchen,” he announced. And so the story, apparently, ends.